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I can’t eat olives.

As soon as I put one in my mouth, the sour pungent flavour overwhelms me. No matter how many times I force myself to eat one, I just can’t stomach it. I feel the same way about sloppy writing and boring, disjointed content. To me, it’s like a stinky salty olive that’s been left out of the jar a little too long. It makes me cringe and turn up my nose.

The good news is that even the stinkiest olive can be saved, and that is what I do — turn stinky olives into smooth, beautiful tasting martinis — the kind that tickle your senses and warm up your insides.

Here are some hard facts about me. I started keeping journals when I was 8 years old and won my first poetry competition at age 14. I’ve been writing all my life in some form or another, and have over 12 years experience in marketing, public relations, partnership building, strategic communications and even economic development. I would say that I’m a communications generalist with creative savvy and fierce project management abilities. I’ve worn many hats, from digital marketing queen and promotions wizard to brand whisperer. My breadth of experience working with businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs in many different industries is almost as valuable as my depth of experience in marketing and communications. I learn quickly, which means I adapt easily to new industries and subjects, and I have the expertise and skill to drive strategic communications activities across multiple channels. At the end of the day, I’m really just a master storyteller with the grit and know-how to produce results for the clients and brands I support.