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The impact you make in the world – this is really the essence of your story. 
It’s the journey you’ve taken, the people you touch, the expertise you bring and the value you offer. Our process starts with discovery and ends with results.
Our Process

  • Discover

    We get to understand your organization’s raison d’ être, and you get to learn all about us. The relationship kicks off and we confirm the scope of work to achieve your aims.

  • Analyse

    We dig into the nitty gritty of your journey, your brand and your ultimate objectives, as well as research your industry, competitors and expertise.

  • Collaborate

    We introduce our initial findings and ideas and then pick your brain more to confirm the creative and strategic direction.

  • Create

    Once we’ve gotten into your head, we translate your ideas, experiences and goals into something tangible that connects with your audience, elicits feeling and influences action.

  • Refine

    After delivering the first draft, we refine the product based on your feedback and then perfect it until you approve.

  • Distribute

    We strategically distribute your story and branded content according to the formats and channels that best suit your audience. It’s time to get your story out there.

  • Measure

    It ends with Results. We measure success according to your ultimate objectives.


We use your knowledge and write in your tone of voice to help you accomplish your goals, whether that’s lead generation, brand awareness, culture building, or fundraising.